The word Nalu stems from Hawaiian origin and it means ‘surging surf’ or what we call a ‘wave’. In a world that is driven by so much high energy and how quickly we can get things done, we were inspired by challenging this exact notion and reframing the narrative to rather take stock of what we have and slow down. Ride the wave if you will. In producing a portfolio of down-to-earth, quality wines to suit almost all occasions, underpinned by a brand promise that dedicates itself to local philanthropic support and earth sustainability projects, we like to think Nalu Wines echoes this sentiment.




Until recently, Alison held the role as the Global Brand Ambassador and Sales & Marketing Lead for South Africa at Accolade Wines EMEA. She was responsible for managing the brand strategies within the sales team, ensuring a thorough understanding of the brand’s products and quality levels. Her role also included setting up and managing the RTM partnerships and all key accounts locally and in Africa.

As a qualified Graphic Designer by profession with an unwavering love rooted in design and marketing, she has always paid attention to detail, coupled with her passion and hard work ethic, she was appointed to assist in selling creative and strategic work to key clients at a brand agency in the beginning of her career and this led to converging from design to marketing, where she has had a long and successful career both in advertising, and in FMCG, and recently in the wine industry.

Alison Dawn Pearce
Charne Alexander



Charne is a proven, talented creative at heart, with a love for beautiful design and the impact it can have on our lives.

She has had the privilege of working with a multitude of beverage brands such as Chivas Regal, Mumm Champagne, Malibu and Jameson, including leading the re-design and re-branding of Olmeca Tequila. She cut her teeth in advertising, where she gained valuable experience working on global beverage brands such as Savanna, Hunters Dry, Captain Morgan, as well as a bevy of brands within Accolade Wines. Her attention to detail and craft has been recognised through receipt of awards in packaging and experiential design – as well as the successes of those brands.

With her extensive experience in beverage advertising and design, she is passionate in making the organic movement to co-creating the Nalu brand.



A philosopher at heart with a passion for the deeper concepts of life, Ben believes that we are multidimensional beings that are only limited by our own beliefs.

Ben was responsible and involved in growing South Africa’s biggest UK export brand, Kumala from 35,000 to 2.6 million cases in five years.

His journey then led him to producing the first John Platter 5-star Chardonnay in 2002 for Journey’s End Vineyards. Passionately he continued to spearhead the winemaking, blending and bottling for several UK on-trade & off trade brands: Mount Rozier, Petit Rozier and Sub Brands for Majestic, Co-Op, Mitchel & Butler, Bargain Booze, Mark’s Spencer, Majestic, Direct Wines & Iceland, totalling over 1 million cases annually.

He also founded CWE Americas which was responsible for exporting South American bulk wines to the UK Off-trade (Iceland) and Canada, with 1.3 million litres shipped in the first year.

Ben Jordaan